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Everybody has a Passion and we at Jaksh Institute train you to Monetize your Passion. In this workshop, we train you to KILL it ONLINE and become a BADASS BLOGGER!

Why should you attend this Workshop?
1. At the end of this workshop, you can become an INTERNET ENTREPRENEUR, which opens a new door for your Career.
2. You’ll be able to monetize your Hobbies, so Work becomes Fun.
3. You can start your own blog and call yourself a BLOGGER, so you get an Identity.
4. You can start an Online Business and have a great Lifestyle.

What will you learn in this Workshop?
1. What is blogging and how to blog
2. Knowing your Blogging Potential
3. How to choose your Blogging Niche
4. Choosing profitable topics for your blog
5. Finding your target audience
6. Brainstorming unlimited blog topics
7. Choosing a COOL domain name for your blog
8. Knowing a CMS
9. Setting up a WordPress Blog
10. Monetizing your website
11. SEO Basics
12. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
13. Introduction to Digital Marketing