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Content Writing is considered as important factor for all types of marketing.

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What is Content Writing?

When we want to start a business, the first question comes in mind that how to promote business or company and their product or services?

To promote business, product or service we need to follow stages of digital marketing Funnel
Following are the stages

  •  Awareness
  •  Consideration
  •  Conversion
  •  Loyalty
  •  Advocacy

Our business will be successful if we go through this funnel stages.
And these all stages need a quality content.

Content writing is basically writing something which helps to capture the attention of a customer and reader to educate, inform, or tell a story.

Content writing for websites is designed to sell or promote a specific product.

The person who has a good Content Writing skill is capable to write most of the documents like content writing blogs, article writing, email sales copy, newsletter, press release, info graphic.


Why is Content Writing important?

content wrting

Online marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing etc. are used to promote their businesses, product or services.

Content is the key to all types of Marketing.

Content is beneficial for the following:

  • Student
  • Websites
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization )
  • Businesses

1.Importance of Content Writing for Website:

Whenever you create a website you need a website content.

Website creation is all about selecting an attractive theme, content, images, and videos.

Everyone wants to gain more traffic.

Does everyone want to make a good impression in the heart of visitors, Right?

So Content writing is one of the easiest method and an effective way to keep your website informative. For that you need good website content writer.

Good contents easily convert visitors into customers.

2.Why is Content Writing important for Business and SEO ?

Search engines especially love frequently updated content, and if you want to people visit your site, it’s important to provide content that people want to see.

Website content has the ability to take your website at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

It is not an easy task to write SEO content which perfectly suits your website need.

Writing wrong or an improper content can divert the customer to some other website, which will increase bounce rate.


3. Why is Content Writing important for Students?

Many students who are interested in reading novels, may start testing their hand in writing.
Though content writing is quite different from writing novels, the drive to write something comes from the habit of reading.
Content writing is important for students who want to be exceptionally good in academics when compared to their fellow students and aiming to be a content writer.

Following are few reasons

  •  Enhance your vocabulary

If you are writing something and want to convey your thoughts well, you should be familiar with other kinds of expressions and use good vocabulary.

  •  Content writing as a habit

There is no need to be already expert in writing. Your writing quality grows with time.

As a student and as a professional, there are many instances where we should create content.

For example, writing a diary. As a student or as a professional you can create content in many instances. It’s transforming your daily actions into words.

There would have been a great transformation in expressing yourself on the first day you wrote your diary and today.

  •  The quality of answers

If you are habitual to write content then it will help you at the time of the exam.

So benefit you could get out of this habit is that the quality of your answers in your exams will be extremely good.

  • Learn and enjoy

Content writing has a huge market. Content writer jobs are available and salary is also good for content writer.

There are many jobs are available such as web writer, content developer, content editor.

Also there are many internships which make the students learn the technicalities of content writing.


How we teach you Content Writing in our Training Institute?

content writing

  • First we teach you why content is important?
  • Why content writing is important for business, students & for SEO.
  • We teach you How to write good content?
  • Tools used to search keyword & keyword volume.
    • Use short paragraphs – four sentences max.
    • Use short sentences – twelve on average.
    • Shorten your text.
    • Avoid the passive tense.
    • Avoid needless repetition
    • Use familiar words
    • Semantics words
    • Difference between small tail and long tail keywords
    • Keyword Density
  • What are the tools used to search HD images
  • How to edit images and create attractive images.


What will you learn  Content Writing in Training Institute?

 Unit1: Essential of Writing

  • Why Become a Writer?
  • Do I have Writing Talent? It’s a Mistaken Question

 Unit2: Before you Write

  •  Introduction to Writing – Different types of information
  • Planning Your Writing
  • Guidelines to Write
  • What is a reader-centric document?
  • Reading for Writing
  • Referencing and Plagiarism
  • How to write an article
  • Content Writing for websites

 Unit3: Factors need to understand while writing a content

  • Create original content.
  • Write readable language.
  • Use great content ideas and eye-catching titles to match, while using keywords naturally.
  • Choose and insert the best keywords.
  • Your content must be valuable, relevant, and consistent.
  • Writing Effective Paragraphs
  • Pre-writing
  • Effective writing
  • Communication with Subject Matter Expert
  • Grammar for Writers
  • Common Grammatical Errors

Unit 4: After You Write

  •  Proof Reading
  • Editing
  • Communication with Graphic Artist
  • Rewriting

 Unit 5:Publishing- Project Work

  • Writing for Web
  • Publishing – Project Work

 Unit 6: Tools used for content writing

Syllabus of Content Writing in Digital Marketing Course

  •  Website Content Writing
  •  SEO writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Communication and marketing writing
  • Research and report writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Review Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Copy writing

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