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Digital Marketing Certification Course in Pune

To make yourself more marketable and to put your career in high gear with a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing you need a Digital Marketing Certification Course in Pune.

Digital marketing certification course in pune 

Why Digital Marketing Certification course is important?

Digital Marketing is one of the hottest career sectors today.

A digital marketer develops strategies for marketing company’s products and services over the web, and runs campaigns for brand awareness and to convert leads to customers.

A digital marketing is not always about bringing in new customers or business but it is also about connecting with those you already have. You use the same channels, such as social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc., to stay in touch and keep customers current on what your company can do for them.

Following are some top Digital Marketing Certification Courses

  • Google AdWords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Hootsuite social marketing Certification
  • SMAC(Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) Certification


Google AdWords Certification

Purpose of Google Ads CertificationDigital marketing certification course in pune

Google AdWords is one of the core Digital Marketing certifications. With this certification, you are an authorized expert in online advertising.

Different types of Advertising Certifications

If you want to become Google Ads certified then you will have to pass the Google Ads Fundamentals assessment. Some other additional assessments available to get the certificate are,

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

The process to get Google Ads Certification

The time assessment test is for 90 minutes.

You will have 70 questions.

Passing score is 80%.

Immediately you will get the result.

If you pass the assessment you will get the certificate from Google.

The fee to obtain Certification

The Google Ads Fundamentals assessment is taken free of cost. Your Google Ads Certification is valid until the product area expires.


Google Analytics Certification

Digital marketing certification course in punePurpose of Google Analytics Certificate

Google offers various digital marketing certifications.

The best certifications are available for digital marketing professionals by Google.

Google Analytics one of the leading digital marketing certifications.

It helps you to monitor the growth of web traffic.

The process to get Google Analytics certificate

In order to become Google Analytics Certified or to get Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certificate, you will have to pass the Google Analytics assessment.

The time duration of the assessment test is for 90 minutes.

You will have to attempt 70 questions for this certification exam.

Within 48 hours you will get the exam results.

You will get a certificate from Google after passing the exam.

The fee to obtain certification

It is for free. You need not pay money for this certification exam.

If you don’t pass the exam you can again write the exam after seven days.


Facebook Blueprint Certification

Digital marketing certification course in punePurpose of Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook Blueprint training and certification program will teach you about Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing.

The Facebook Certification Program offers two certifications:

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional

The process to get Facebook Blueprint Certification

The exam is for 75 minutes.

If you want to become certified in both Facebook Certified Planning Professional and Face Certified Buying Professional you have to get a score of 700 or above.

The fee to obtain certification

The Facebook Blueprint Certification fee of $150/INR 10,000.

These certifications have to be renewed once in a year.

The recertification exam cost is the same as the initial exam cost.


Hootsuite social marketing certification

Digital marketing certification course in punePurpose of Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate

Hootsuite offers one of the digital marketing certifications.

Hootsuite is a social media management system or tool, using this you can manage and track all of your social networking channels.

The process to get Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate

You will have to attempt 60 questions.

The time duration is 60 minutes to complete the 60-question exam.

The minimum passing grade is 80 %.

You will not need extra cost until you pass in the certification exam.


SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) Certification

Digital marketing certification course in punePurpose of getting the SMAC(Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) Certification

Help Your Organization to gain Customer engagement and customer loyalty.

Awareness of the company’s product among the customers ultimately leading to an increase in customers so basically it helps to boost your company’s Digital Marketing effort.

This course help to understand cloud technologies better.



The Digital Marketing Certification Courses mention above is the best Digital Marketing Certificate programs.

These certifications improve your Digital Marketing skills.

There are various jobs available in the Digital Marketing field.

With the help of these Digital Marketing certification course, you will get the appropriate training to stay top in the competition.

If you want to get training in above certification courses, the Jaksh Institute in Pune provides best Digital Marketing training.

We provide 100% practically oriented certification courses.


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