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JUNE 21, 2018

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital Marketing is the Hottest job field of 2018-2019 and offers lakhs of jobs currently in the country. In order to help you succeed in these interviews, we are writing this post about Digital Marketing Interview Questions. We are going to cover all the possible Digital Marketing Interview Questions and keep this post updated every now and then. The answers are very original and our students have got their dream jobs using our answers written here. We wish the same results for you. So go through these Digital Marketing Interview Questions and study them in detail.

1. What is Digital Marketing?



If you apply for the job opening of Digital Marketing Executive or Digital Marketing Specialist or Digital Marketing Expert and when you go for the interview, the very first question the interviewer throws at you is “What is Digital Marketing?”. This question is the most important question of all the Digital Marketing interview questions because this one is going to set the tone for rest of the interview. Now most of the students, I would rather say 95% of the students learn the answers from the internet and present it in front of the interviewer. So almost everybody is giving away the same answer and this is not good. You are sitting on that interview chair to impress that interviewer. And to impress him, you need to answer differently. So how will you do this? Well, I’ll help you with that.

Answer and its Explanation:

See the question is “What is Digital Marketing?”, look at the question carefully, you see two focus keywords here, word “Digital” and word “Marketing”.

So let’s start to build our answer with word marketing first. The things we should think about whenever word ‘Marketing’ comes are:

Marketing – done by Companies or Businesses for promoting their services or their products

Now, let’s focus on another keyword which is “Digital”, whenever it appears to start thinking about 2 D’s.

Digital – Digital Devices and Digital Platforms

So, let’s club both the things and convert it into an answer.

“Digital Marketing is the marketing done by companies or businesses to promote their services or products using digital devices on digital platforms.”

Explaining “What is Digital Marketing?” further:

Now, after saying this confidently, look into the eyes of Interviewer and see if he wants to hear more from you. If he wants to, then don’t stop. Continue your answer adding objective to it.

So what is the objective of Digital Marketing? I can mention 4 important ones here. They are

  1. Promoting your Business
  2. Advertising your Business
  3. Increasing Engagement
  4. Building relationship with your customers

And we do all the above things keeping one goal in mind. That is to Boost or Increase your SALES.

So let’s build our final definition for “What is Digital Marketing”

“Digital Marketing is the marketing done by companies or businesses to promote their services or products using digital devices on digital platforms with an objective to Promote your business, advertise for your Business, Increase the engagement and build a relationship with your customers in order to boost or increase your SALES.”

When you answer this question with so many important digital marketing terms in one answer, the interviewer observes one quality in you which is ‘Effective Communication.’ So here we have finished answering one of the most important Digital Marketing Interview questions.

What is Digital Marketing Funnel?


This is one of the most important interview questions on Digital marketing. The understanding of this concept is really important because Digital marketing Funnel is what each and every successful company or even any digital marketing agency providing digital marketing services is following. The ones who don’t follow it are shut down within a year and that is the reason why we see so many start-ups being closed within one year of time. So whenever you are out there for Digital Marketing Interview, make sure that you are well prepared for this question. You’ll find this question even in the Sales and Marketing interview questions. Digital Marketing Funnel is used to develop the digital marketing funnel.

Answer and its Explanation:

The definition of Digital Marketing Funnel – It is a framework that defines customer lifecycle through 5 different stages. These stages are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion
  4. Loyalty
  5. Advocacy

Now, let’s discuss each in detail with the help of a Case study.

Case Study – Knee Joint Pain Relief Product

  1. Stage 1 – Awareness:

Awareness is Education. People face problems and companies try to solve these problems by either providing a service or by developing a product. Now, to start with the marketing, the company has to follow the funnel, only then the marketing strategy will work. So through developing an educational campaign, the company or business will convince people that yes, there is a problem.

Our Case Study’s Awareness Stage:

The company will publish an article or video or post or any content related to Knee Joint pain. They’ll discuss the causes and symptoms of this problem. They’ll also talk about how bad it might get if not healed at the right time. The targeting for this campaign will be done for the people who are 50+ in age because that’s when it mostly hits due to weak bones. So these people after going through this content start thinking about their problem and start taking it seriously. This is the success of company’s awareness campaign.

  1. Stage 2 – Consideration:

The second stage is Consideration. People who have got aware of the problem are now looking for the solutions. But we all know that people look for the options before making a buying decision. We all love options. So they now have certain deciding factors like locations, pricing, delivery mode and many other that they might consider in their case. Based on these parameters they shortlist few of the available options.

Our Case Study’s Consideration Stage:

The company will now try to highlight their USP’s through Consideration campaigns. They’ll try to convince people how their product is better than the other available products. The company will compare their pain relief product with the others on several parameters like Price, Quality, and Effectiveness etc. which you might consider for the selection. The consideration campaign of the company will make sure that they convince you that they are the best fit for you. They might also give certain offer or discount here in this stage so that you try their product even if you are a customer of some other brand.

  1. Stage 3 – Conversion

This is the third stage of the marketing funnel and the most important one. Here the visitor or potential customer gets converted into a customer. So here the company starts getting their return on investment they did in all the previous stages.

Our Case Study’s Conversion Stage:

Now when the company has already convinced people about their Pain Relief product and if they are successful in doing that. People will start buying their product. The offer or discount will motivate the customer to even greater extent to take the buying decision and makes the conversion easy.

  1. Stage 4 – Loyalty

The marketing funnel never ends at sales or conversion. It comes down to the next stage called as Loyalty. A good company is the one who makes sure that their service and post-sales support is equally good as their product. So in this stage, the company makes sincere efforts in providing the services to make the customer their permanent customer. In short, this stage focuses on building a relationship with the customer.

Our Case Study’s Loyalty Stage:

The knee joint pain product company will now start doing surveys with their customers and start taking feedbacks. Based on these reviews, they’ll make changes in their product if needed and also inform their customers about it through marketing campaigns.

  1. Advocacy

This is the final stage of Digital Marketing where the customer is retained. And not just retained, the customer starts to recommend your products to others. This is where the company is getting benefitted to the absolute best because the sale is increasing without investing in marketing.

Our Case Study’s Advocacy Stage:

Now the company introduces new product ‘kneecap’ and the customers are so happy with the previous product of the company that they buy this one too. And they don’t just buy it, they also recommend others to buy it.

So here we have finished with the answer to one of the most logical question for the interview.

Explain the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?


This is surely one of the most asked digital marketing interview questions. You can also use the answer of this question as a reference to the question on traditional marketing vs digital marketing.

Answer and its Explanation:

Outbound Marketing:

  1. In this type of marketing, the advertisements are shown to all irrespective of the fact that person may not be a potential customer for that particular niche.
  2. This is, therefore, PUSH marketing.
  3. It is also called Interruption marketing because the person who may not be the potential customer also gets to see the advertisement and it is a sort of interruption to him or her.
  4. This is expensive and mostly ineffective.
  5. Examples are Television, Print Ads, Direct mailers, radio etc.

 Inbound Marketing:

  1. In this type of marketing, the advertisements are shown to the targeted audience.
  2. This is, therefore, PULL marketing.
  3. This is inexpensive and very effective.
  4. Examples are Google AdWords, Facebook ads etc..

We can, therefore, find in many digital marketing quotes that Outbound Marketing is an old school marketing and Inbound marketing is a modern way marketing.

Hubspot, the very popular name in Digital Marketing has done a survey and according to it, 70% of the biggest brands in the world prefer Inbound Marketing over Outbound Marketing.

It is always recommended to use such stats while answering Digital Marketing Interview Questions. It gives the interviewer the message that you have great deal of knowledge about the topic.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?


This Digital Marketing Interview question is pretty basic of all marketing interview questions.

Answer and its Explanation:

  1. Cost Effective

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is cost-effective because of its two important factors:

  • Flexible Campaign Budget – In digital marketing campaigns like AdWords campaign or Facebook ad campaign we have the liberty to set our budget. Every small, medium or large company can set their own budgets and do the promotions or advertisements.
  • Paying by choice – Advertisers get charged by either Impressions or by Clicks i.e. PPC. So here we get charged only when the potential customer actually clicks our advertisement or sees our advertisement in case of display ads.
  1. Measurable

Everything in Online Marketing is measurable. Few things which one can measure are:

  • Traffic of their websites
  • What people look on their website
  • Which advertisement campaign gets them the most traffic
  • Which platform is the best for marketing for their Niche
  • How many conversions are taking place
  • How much is the ROI

Web analytics can be used to measure all of these. The most popular tool is google analytics for this.

  1. Brand Engagement

With Digital Marketing or Online Marketing, we can increase the engagement with our customers or readers or followers etc. By engagement we mean to say sharing of the content or commenting on the content or linking the content etc. It’s really important to see how people are responding to our content and that is something we can easily do using Digital Marketing.

  1. Targeting

In digital marketing, we can select the audience on the basis of Demographic Targeting. We can target people on the basis of their age, location, language, interest and what not. This is certainly not possible or highly impossible to do in the conventional marketing.

  1. Real-Time Results

Imagine that you have figured out that the data provided by you is incorrect for the advertisement that you have submitted to TV or Newspaper to publish and it is already being scheduled or printed, so you know it that it cannot be changed or corrected at any cost now. But here in Digital Marketing or Online Marketing, you can edit your campaign at any point of time, from any place and from any device. It’s that easy.

So we have covered some of the most important digital marketing interview questions. This post will get updated regularly.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions


The answers to the Digital marketing Interview Questions are written by Sushant Kokate, who is the founder of Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing. The answers are written in a lot of details and students must remember that the digital marketing salary that one gets after joining is very much dependent on the quality of interview one gives. So explaining things in detail whenever asked during the digital marketing interview will give a competitive advantage.

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This post on Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers is written by Sushant Kokate


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