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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Google Algorithms and Updates for Best SEO

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Google Algorithms and Updates for Best SEO

The largest and best search engine in the world is Google.

Google releases their ranking factors each and every year & regularly provides the SEO community with important algorithm updates.

So, that we can use those updates and make SEO at its best.

Google wants to give users the best experience for that google use algorithm which is PageRank.

Many people think PageRank is dead but that not true, it is still under process.


How Google PageRank works?


PageRank is an algorithm used by Google search to rank the website on their search engine results and it also determines how the website is reputable.

Every website has a certain authority. Higher the authority, better is the rank.

So, you should always try to get links from the websites that have a higher authority.

Quality links are not the only factor but are one of the most important factors.

Now, this is the primary algorithm of Google.

Google releases some sort of updates every year for SEO community to work on and get the SEO work really polish.


Now we’ll see How CRAWLER support PageRank?

What is Crawler?

Google crawler is important Google program which scans the whole website.

It scans and accesses the content on the page and information archive across the web.

It will check your code, tags, meta tags, backlinks, social signals etc.

Crawler takes that all information and gets that information to the Google’s mainframe computers where the positioning of your website will be decided.

So, without understanding the algorithm, how can you master the art of ranking?


Formula of GoogleGoogle Algorithms

Google never revealed the certain formula for SEO but Google gives us guidelines.

On the bases of our experience we trying to give you the formula of Google.

Google reward high-quality website, with compelling, relevant and dynamic content.

So, that people stay or view, come back to over and over again and share content on their social network and that other good site refer too.

So, the first thing you required to rank your website is Quality of your website.

The second thing is relevancy and dynamic content.

Third thing is that google check is people come to your website.

Most important and last factor is people share content on the social network.

If you are following all these four steps then you’ll get brilliant SEO result when you are considering for Google search engine.

So, this is the simple formula which is followed by Google.


Google Algorithm

Google always give you a reward or penalize, this depends on what type of content you are releasing on the website.

Now we know google release new updates every year, so it’s stared the journey from 2011.

Google Algorithms

These are some popular updates


  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon

There are many more updates but these four updates or algorithms are mostly use.


Google Panda

These particular updates are given in Feb 2011.

Google panda always focus on uniqueness, you can’t just copy & paste content.

Duplicate content, Keyword stuffing content will be penalized your website.

Or tricks like: –

  • Buying papers online or getting someone else to write to them will not work here.
  • Filling large pictures or distracting content.
  • Copying the entire report from the internet.
  • Writing stuffs like this

“India is a country, people live in India, India has stats, Indians eat Indian food, Indian food is the best food for Indian people”

It’s not going to work here.

You’ll get penalized for such kind of content.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin came in the year 2012.

This algorithm checks for spamming or irrelevant links and penalized them.

It’s also looking for the links with over-optimized anchor text.

So, if your website is about education, it should not be getting backlinking from some online lottery.


Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is released in 2013.

This algorithm was to improve the accuracy and speed.

Take to an individual page rather than a home page.


Google Pigeon

This update came in 2014.

Google pigeon aimed to increase the ranking of local listing in a search.

This algorithm provides the results based on the user location and the listing available in the local directory.

If you want to do the best SEO then you have to follow the steps which we have discus, if we follow all these kinds of stuff then we are defiantly teats the success.


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