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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool which helps you to show how’s your website is doing and helps you to improve your website.

google analyticsWhat is Google Analytic?

It gives you a blueprint of your website.

Using google analytics you can see the traffic on your website and how many people are visiting on your website through which platform like Yahoo, social sites, Bing, backlinked website.

Google analytics is the very advance tool it even detects from which device visitors are visiting on your website.

Once you create a Google Analytics account and start tracking the website then it allows you to measure your website results in real time, compare with the past period’s history. Like peak season, peak hours, peak days in a week.

Google analytics is the best web analytics tool which is provided by the google. Google analytics is used for our own web analysis and small SEO tools are used for competitor’s web analysis.

Why Should Choose Google Analytics for Web Analysis?

Google analytic is easy to use. Even with basic technical skills, you can use google analytics.

Google analytics show you the real-time visitors, your web page traffic, on which specific page you have more traffic, which types of users visiting on your website.

Google analytics has one of the best features which is data collection. It makes your work easier. You just have to create an account and copy the small amount of code on your website.

Using google analytics you can get an idea about which keywords are trendy and which are the keywords are mostly searched by people and you will know which keyword helps you to rank on the google page.

Basically, google analytics also help in SEO analysis and SEO reports.

You can also study your audience from this tool. Like by their gender, location, an area of interest, an age of the visitors, location, even you can see from which device visitors are visiting on your website. Like smartphones, tabs, laptops etc.

We use google analytics on the desktop but it is quietly working good on smartphones, tablets through its app which is available on google play store. Means you can easily access your account from anywhere.

Basically, google analytics helps you to show how your website is doing!!! And with the help of that, you can build your own strategy, and improve your business.


google analyticsHow will you learn about google analytics?

  • First, we teach you how to create a google analytics account.
  • Once you sign up your account link your website to your account.
  • Google analytics web give you a website ID and code, which you have to paste in a header part of your website’s page.
  • Once you paste the code in website its start tracking the website. During the class, you will see everything practically and you can also do it on your own.
  • As we see the result we teach you how to create a strategy for improving the website.
  • Also, if there are any live campaigns like AdWords Ads or maybe Facebook Ads, with Analytics, we can find out which are the best-performing ones.

So, in short, all that you make life can be tracked with this amazing tool. And we exactly do that!

What is the syllabus for Google analytics?

You will require your own laptop.

You will have a free Wi-Fi connection.

google analyticsUnit 1: Introducing Google Analytics

We will learn the following topics

1: Why digital Google analytics?

2: How Google Analytics works?

3: Google Analytics setup.

4: How to set up views with filters


  • Unit 2: The Google Analytics layout

In this session, we will see

1: Navigating Google Analytics

2: Understanding overview reports

3: Understanding full reports

4: How to share reports

5: How to set up dashboards and shortcuts


  • Unit 3: Basic Reporting

In basic reports, we will be learning how to make a report

1: Audience reports

2: Acquisition reports

3: Behaviour reports


  • Unit 4: Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

1: How to measure Custom Campaigns

2: Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder

3: Use Goals to measure business objectives

4: How to measure Google Ads campaigns

5: Course review and next step


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