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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

What is Google Hummingbird?

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What is Google Hummingbird?

“Google Hummingbird Algorithm” is also known as “Semantic search update”.

Google Hummingbird update released by Google in the year 2013.

Unlike Penguin and Panda algorithm, Hummingbird algorithm is not a penalty-based update, but a change in the way Google reacts to different types of queries.

This algorithm focused on:

  • Preciseness
  • speed.

As Hummingbird used context and intent to deliver results that matched the needs of the user, local results became more precise.

This algorithm will help in answering complex questions and you will get a better result.

For example:

If your website is e-commerce websites and people are searching for a certain product you will warn Google to take people to that particular page which is having information about that product and not the home page of your websites.

Because it takes to home page then people again have to search for that particular product. So this is very time-consuming activity and we do not want to do

So all you have to do is you have to categorize your content.

To summarize, the Hummingbird algorithm has resulted in an overall decrease of diversity in search results.This is particularly true for keywords with similar semantics.

Hummingbird well placed to determine the most relevant and highest quality pages that meet the needs of the searcher.

In short, Google is getting better at understanding the search intent of the user and producing matched search results – fast and accurately.



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