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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

What is Google Panda?

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What is Google Panda?

Google Panda Algorithm is also known as Farmer Update.

Google Panda update released by Google in the year 2011.

This is a very important update because Google is going to penalize you if you are putting duplicate content or maybe you are doing a lot of keyword stuffing.

And tricks like:

  • Buying papers online or getting someone else to write to them will not work here.
  • Filling large pictures or other distracting content.
  • Copying the entire report from internet

Writing stuff like:

You can not write something like this “India is a country, people live in India, India has states, Indians eat Indian food, Indian food is the best food for Indian people.

It’s not going to work here. You will be penalized for such kind of content.

Writing content just for the traffic is not a good idea. This is the main purpose why Google made this update.

You can not copy content from somewhere and put it on your websites.

You can not take a lot of keywords and stuff everywhere possible.

If you are writing content you can’t just copy and paste content so make sure that your content should be unique.

If you do that Google will give you rewards.

The change is implemented in order to eliminate ‘low quality’ content, or in other words, spammy content trying to rank in the search engines.

You have to understand that Google is only trying its best in eliminating results that are not relevant or not useful because its users have requested it.


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