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OCTOBER 11, 2018

Complete SEO Interview Questions of 2018

SEO Interview Questions

The number of jobs for ‘SEO analyst’ or ‘SEO expert’ profiles is growing day by day. There are plenty of opportunities for ‘SEO Consultant’ profile too. So, if you are planning to appear for SEO interviews, then this post about SEO Interview questions can be of great help.

SEO Interview Questions

So, what are you waiting for?

Study this and Answer SEO interview questions like a PRO.

1. What is a Search Engine?

It is a system used for searching the information on the World Wide Web. The information can be text, images or videos.

The search engine examples are Google, Bing, Yahoo,, etc.

2. What is a Web Server?

When a user is looking for some information and makes the search on Search Engine, then the requests are made for the information. Furthermore, A web server is a program that receives these requests and sends the response. It uses HTTP and related protocols to serve this. HTTP is a HyperText Transfer Protocol.

3. Define Crawling.

Crawling is the process done by web crawlers. The web crawlers perform web indexing by browsing the World Wide Web. The crawling is done one page at a time.

4. What is Indexing?

When you search for some information on Google, you get the results in Google search. The process through which this information got added to Google search is called as Indexing. Google Crawler first crawls the page and then performs indexing.

5. What do you mean by SERP?

SERP is Search Engine Results Pages. After a search query is fired by a user on a search engine, the results are displayed in SERP. SERP results may, however, show advertisements along with the results.

6. What is SEO?SEO Interview Questions

SEO is the process to increase the organic traffic to your website.

The traffic does not have to grow just in terms of volume, it has to grow in terms of quality as well.

7. What are Organic Results in SEO?

Organic Results in SEO are also called Natural search results. These listings on the web are based on the relevance to the search query. These listings on the SERP can be ranked higher by taking SEO efforts.

8. What are Paid Results?

The results that appear higher in the search results by paying money on advertisements are known as Paid Results.

9. What is Google Suggest?

Whenever the user starts typing for the search query in the search box, the Google Autocomplete or Google Suggest provides the suggestion.

10. Define On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the optimization performed on the individual website pages and on its HTML code with an objective to rank higher in Google Search results.

11. What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to all the activities that are performed away from the website by you and others. These efforts are taken to improve the rankings of your website in the Google search rankings.

12. What do you mean by a Keyword?

Keywords, in SEO, are often called Search Queries. They define what the content is all about. Depending on the length of keywords, they can be classified into short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

Eg. Digital Marketing

13. What is a long tail keyword?

When a user wants to make a very specific search, they use a phrase which has a keyword inside it. This kind of phrase is called as Long tail keywords. It normally has two or three words in it.

Eg. Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions of 2018.

14. What is meant by LSI in SEO?

LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are the keywords which are very closely related to the main keyword. The usage of LSI keywords in the content helps the search engine to understand the content better. It increases the relevancy of the content.

So, the LSI keyword for Digital Marketing Interview questions can be Online Marketing Interview Questions.

You can check the LSI keywords for your main keyword using LSI Graph.

15. What is a heading tag?

Every piece of content has a heading. The tags that are used to represent such heading is called as Heading tag. Normally, there are <h1> to <h6> tags.

Eg. If the post is about “SEO Interview Questions”, then it can be assigned <h1> tag.

Similarly, “On Page SEO Interview Questions” in the same article can be assigned <h2> tag.

Furthermore, “Off Page SEO Interview Questions” can be assigned <h2> tag too.

16. What is the meaning of canonical URL?

Duplicate content issues harm the SEO score and affect the ranking. This is where canonical links help. Canonical URL tells the search engine that it is the preferred version and the original source of the content.

Thus, Canonical URL is also described as Search Engine friendly URL.

The element used is rel=canonical.

17. What is the title of the page?

It is the tag that gets displayed on the results page of search engines (SERP). In other words, it is a headline that appears in results which people see. After seeing the page title, people take the click decisions. Thus, it is a very basic and important on-page SEO factor.

18. What is a meta title tag?

Meta title is provided to the content to make search engines understand what the content is all about. It can be seen in the search results.

19. What do you mean by meta description in SEO?

It is the summary of the content. It can be written in around 160 characters. The meta description can be seen on the results page.

20. What is a backlink on a website?

Backlinks are the links incoming to your website from other websites. It can be considered as a vote of confidence that one website receives from others. Thus, it is considered one of the important metrics in Google rankings and also for ranking on other search engines.

21. What is link juice?

Link juice is the SEO value transferred from one page to another. Link juice is shared through links. Links are like votes and when they come from other websites to your websites, it helps with your SEO score. It is like other websites telling Search engines how valuable your website is.

22. What is a do follow link?

If the link is shared on other websites and if it is a do-follow link then the web crawler crawls it. This is important because the link juice can be further shared. This link juice is necessary for the website ranking. Every link is a do-follow link by default. The only links which are not do-follow links are the ones in which no-follow is mentioned.

23. What is a no follow link?

As the name suggests, no follow link indicates “don’t follow this link”. Nofollow is an attribute in HTML used to signal search engines that this link should not be counted for website ranking. The link juice is not shared in this case.

24. How do you make a link no-follow?

It can be done by adding the tag rel=”no follow” inside the link.

Eg. <a href=””  rel=”no follow”>Google</a>

25. What are inbound links?

Inbound links are the links that are directed from other websites to your website. They are also known as backlinks.

26. What are outbound links?

The links that are directed from your website to another website. They are created while giving source or reference to the piece of content on your website.

27. What is robot.txt?

Robot.txt is the file that instructs crawlers about which part of the website needs to crawl and which should not be crawled. It uses the Robots Exclusion Protocol for that.

Eg. If you do not want the images of your website to be seen in google images then the instructions can be written in robot.txt

28. What is a sitemap?

Google bot or any other search engine crawler needs to crawl your website intelligently and quickly. To do that it must know about the organization of your site content. This organization has a list of your web pages and is stored in a sitemap. Finally, the organization is made in a hierarchical order.

29. What is HTML sitemap?

HTML sitemap is created to make visitors navigate your website with ease. It acts as a guide for the website visitors. It is simply the outlined text version of the website.

30. What is the use of XML sitemap?

It is an XML file that stores all the URL’s on the website. Besides the listings of URL, it also stores the extra information about these URLs. This helps the crawlers of search engines to do its job more intelligently.

The XML Sitemap Generator can be used to create the XML sitemap.

31. What is a doorway page in SEO?

A doorway page is also called a jump page, entry page or a bridge page. These pages are created with a sole purpose of getting good traffic to the website. These are generally of low quality. But for certain keywords, they are optimized really well. Therefore, to some extent, they provide some value to the visitor but a lot of value to boost the SEO.

32. What is meant by cloaking in SEO?

Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique. The content is delivered on the basis of the user’s IP address. The content provided may be different from what was desired.

33. What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the text representing the link. It usually has a different color from the rest of the text. Anchor text should give the visitor a good idea about the link he is supposed to click.

34. Why is it important to have image ALT text?

It is one of the important SEO ranking factors. Image ALT text provides the additional information about the image. Unfortunately, if the image does not load, this information becomes helpful.

35. What is Web Analytics?

To optimize the website to the best, it is important to understand how the visitors react to the website. In other words, the analysis of user behavior is really important. Web analytics is the process to do this.

Web analytics provides the complete analysis at the real time of the particular website. The report has all the important insights required for the web optimization.

36. What do you mean by Google Analytics?

It is the web analytics services offered by Google. You can track your website and get the reports on important metrics like Website Traffic. It also helps you to track different campaigns and calculate the ROI and make better decisions for future campaigns. Google analytics is the most widely used web analytics service today.

37. What is the search console in Google analytics?

It is the web service provided by Google. It helps the website owners to check how well the website is indexed. The entire site’s performance can be monitored with the help of Google search console. The optimization can be done on the basis of the status seen in the console.

38. What is the Google PageRank?SEO Interview Questions

PR or Google PageRank is the algorithm. This algorithm evaluates and rates the quantity as well as the quality of links to the particular website. This score helps to calculate the relevancy score as well as the page authority score.

39. What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) score is the metric with a score between 0 to 100. This score determines the capability of the page to rank better in SERP.

PA metric was first developed by Moz.

40. What is Domain Authority in SEO?

Domain Authority (PA) score is the metric with a score between 0 to 100. This score determines the capability of the entire website to rank better in SERP.

DA metric was also first developed by Moz.

41. What is Search Engine Submission?

It is the process of submitting the website to the Search Engine and notifying it about its existence. The ranking of the pages takes place next. Thus, it is really important to complete the search submission process first.

The submission of the website to Google can be done through Google Webmaster’s Google Search Console.

Apart from Google, the website submission can also be done to other search engines like Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc.

42. What is meant by directory submission?

It is the process of submitting the URL of your website on different business directories.

Examples of some of the popular business directories are Indiamart, Foursquare, TradeIndia etc.

43. What do you mean by article submission in SEO?

It is a process of writing articles or posts on the others websites which have the same Niche as yours. This helps in SEO as it can get you backlinks for your website. The article distribution or article submission is an off page optimization technique.

44. What is press release submission in SEO?

Press release submission is one of the important SEO strategies. It involves writing interesting stories or articles about your business and creating awareness about it. This not only builds your online reputation but boosts your SEO score as well.

45. What is a Forum Post?

Forums are the websites where like-minded people discuss things. It is a kind of message board. Publishing your opinions can benefit your website score. If done in an intelligent manner, it can fetch you good traffic.

The forum posting can be performed on the new discussion threads or even to the old threads on the network of forums with your similar niche.

SEO Interview Questions

46. What is a Google Panda?

According to this algorithm, the page contents on a website should be unique. You cannot copy and paste the content. As a result, this algorithm gives a penalty for duplicate, user-generated spam content, keyword stuffing did in the content. It was first released in Feb 2011.

You can use Copyscape to check the plagiarism status of the content.

47. What is Google Penguin?

This algorithm keeps a strong watch on spammy or irrelevant links. So if your website is about Digital Marketing Blogs, then it should not get the backlinks from websites related to Cricket. If it does, Google will punish you by declining the SEO score. The update was released in April 2012.

48. What is the Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

This algorithm was built to focus more on the intent and context of the search queries. The update was the bridge between the local algorithm and the core algorithm. Above all, this algorithm gives importance to traditional SEO factors. The Google Hummingbird algorithm was released in August 2013.

49. What is Google Pigeon?

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Google focuses on relevant and accurate local search results. Keyword stuffing and low-quality content are punishable due to this algorithm. This update was released in December 2014.

50. What is a site link on Google?

These are the links to the subpages shown below the google search listings of that. We cannot put them manually. Google’s algorithm decides it whether to show these links or not.

51. What is an SEO site audit?

SEO audit is the process of examining the search engine compatibility of that particular website. The SEO audit report highlights important SEO metrics like site architecture, indexing, backlinking, social media signals etc. Finally, after going through this report, one can start working on improving the website.

52. What is Keyword density in SEO?

It is the percentage of a number of times the keyword appearing in the entire page. So, the calculation is based on the number of times the keyword got appeared in a total number of words on that page. The calculation is in percentage.

53. What is the Keyword frequency in SEO?

The calculation of a number of times the keyword appeared in the entire page is called Keyword frequency. Therefore, the calculation is based on the number of times the keyword got appeared in a total number of words on that page.

54. What do you mean by Google Sandbox?

Google Sandbox is the effect implied by Google in new websites. This happens because of the suspicion of Google. Because of this, the website is not able to rank in spite of having good keywords.

55. What is the disvow tool?

Google has a tool called as link disvowal tool. A disvow file can be submitted to the Google search console. Through this file, one can tell Google that they don’t want certain links to be held for accountability of your site.

56. What is a bounce rate?

It is the percentage of visitors checking only one page of your website. This is a sign of less interaction of the visitor with the website. Therefore, the bounce rate should be as less as possible. This is considered one of the important metrics in Web Analytics.

57. What is Google Trends?

It is a web service provided by Google. The service is based on the Google Search data of a particular search term. It calculates and shows the graphical results. The search volume can be checked for the particular region of the world. Certainly, Google Trends is the best tool to explore the trending topics in the real-time to create good content.

58. What do you mean by Keyword Streaming?

The process of analyzing the relevant keywords to find the primary keyword for your website. This keyword will be the focus keyword which will derive the traffic for the website.

59. What is or Schema is the collection of tags or a piece of code that must be added to your website. Due to this code, Search Engines read your pages and represent them on the SERPs more intelligently.

60. What is a CDN?

CDN is a Content Delivery Network that delivers the pages or website content on the basis of geographical locations of the user. This speeds the content delivery and makes the website faster.

Eg. Cloudflare.

SEO Interview Questions and Answers(Videos)

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6.What is Google Panda?

7. What is Google Penguin?

8. What is Google Hummingbird?

9. What is Google PIGEON?

10.What is Google PageRank?

11.Important SEO Metrics for doing SEO Audit.

12. What is Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR)?

13. What is Page Authority (PA) and URL Rating (UR)?

14. What is Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF)?

References for Studying SEO Concepts

These references come from top resources. This will be helpful to answer SEO interview questions even more confidently.

SEO Starter Guide by Google

This guide directly comes from Google. It is the best source for On Page SEO but has very less information about Off Page SEO. Studying this guide will help you answer any SEO interview questions about On Page SEO.

The Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz

If you are a Fresher and want to study everything right from the scratch to answer SEO interview questions like a Pro, then this guide is the perfect match for. It is developed by Moz, which is the leading SEO tool.

SEO Guide by Search Engine Land

This guide covers both beginner level as well as the advanced level concepts. you can prepare for the SEO interview questions from this guide.

WordPress SEO Guide by Yoast

If you want to prepare SEO interview questions related to WordPress SEO, then this guide is very powerful.


This blog covers all the important SEO Interview Questions for freshers. This covers SEO Interview Questions for experienced candidates too. I hope this blog helps you to clear your SEO Interview and get the job of SEO Analyst or SEO Expert. If you want me to answer any other SEO Interview Questions, kindly post them in the comment section.


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