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Social Media Marketing company in Pune

We are the Top Social Media Marketing Company in Pune.

What is Social Media?

Social Media Marketing is a content marketing strategy on social media channels or platforms. It is a way to produce amazing content like blog posts, infographics, images, videos that would provide you with branding for your business.

It is the way to make people talk about your brand and increase engagement. More the engagement more will be the traffic and more sales later.

Why should do the Social Media Marketing?

Uses of Social Media:

  1. Social Media is HUGE – Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and has over 2 billion users as of 2018. It doesn’t stop here, it is growing exponentially.

LinkedIn has more than 450 million members which make it the biggest professional network on the internet today in 2018.

Be it YouTube, Instagram, Google+, your customers are everywhere.

  1. Your potential customers are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Quora, Hello Network and so your products, services, and business has to there. Social Media Marketing helps you fish where the fish are.
  2. People are loving Social Media and so the new customers will keep coming, it’s important for you to show up. SMM is the game.

Along with creating superb Social Media Marketing strategies, we also focus on creating great content to share on social media on behalf of our clients.

The content we consistently create using social media tools and social media analytics are:

  1. Images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  2. Memes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  3. Infographics to tell your story to your customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora.
  4. Blog Posts to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  5. Slide Shows of your services, products and other features that can be used for social sharing fun.
  6. Videos on Youtube.

So basically we are a Content Factory! We are the top Social Media Marketing Company in Pune.

Our Social Media services


Social Media Marketing Company in PuneBlogs are the biggest source for social media content.

Blogs create trust in your customer’s mind towards your brand, services, and products.

It is an excellent source for SEO, Search Engine Marketing.

And most importantly it is the content most ideal for posting and sharing to social media networks.


Social Media Marketing Company in PuneFacebook is the largest social media platform and the biggest competitor of Google for ads.

It is very important platform for the branding of your business on social media.

The huge community of active users is the biggest motivation for advertising on Facebook.

The demographics, interests and targeting in Facebook are beyond compare.

Facebook’s algorithm Edgerank is just amazing and rewards you for publishing superb content. Our social media marketing strategy makes sure that Edgerank algorithm just gets better and better for you. We have our own ways to win its heart by creating awesome content.

Jaksh Media is the leading Social Media Marketing Company in Pune. We offer Facebook Marketing services with flexible budgets.


If your product is a Professional product then LinkedIn is something which we focus on.

We focus on individuals who have LinkedIn profiles.

Likeminded people come together in LinkedIn groups and we are very much there ready with awesome content to share about your services or products.

We have a great hold on quality posts and news feed for LinkedIn.

We create content like Blog Post Summaries, Quotes, Infographics, Quizzes, Surveys and Response provoking posts for our clients.

Our social media packages for LinkedIn are very affordable and can provide you with a great engagement.


Social Media Marketing Company in PuneYoutube is the combination of both, Content and social media platform. It makes it very valuable for social marketing.

YouTube can help you make your video content go viral. The sharing capability of Youtube is just amazing.

Youtube acts as a search engine and has its own SEO policy to help you promote your company, products or services.

We create quality video content for you.

The important SEO parameters like Video Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail etc. are monitored by us and optimized accordingly.

We optimize your videos for YouTube.

  1. Create your video.
  2. Optimize the title of the video by using long tail keywords which are really trending.
  3. Work on the Video Description which covers all the necessary things required to rank that video.
  4. Find and put all the keyword relevant tags.

Our social media marketing plan always has YouTube at the top.


Social Media Marketing Company in PuneAfter checking social media trends, you will discover that Instagram is growing exponentially day by day.

You can reach to a lot of customers through Instagram because almost everybody is using it.

The content is displayed in the form of storytelling and everybody is loving it.

There is a huge opportunity to interact with your community.

The visual content makes the engagement grow.

We create good stories for your brand. High engaging content is what we focus on next. We research and create relevant hashtags for your business. The useful insights and feedbacks are sent to you in our reports.

Instagram social media ads are favorites of our clients. The results are amazing.


Twitter is one of the most effective marketing platforms but only for a certain niche. If your customers are on Twitter, it can be a great source for promotion and traffic for your business. This social media network has lovers and haters both. So, it is really important to check if your potential customers are present on Twitter.

We do following Twitter activities for you.

  1. Cross promotion of your business online assets on Twitter.
  2. Email marketing to invite people to follow you on Twitter.
  3. Interact with other accounts to increase your engagement later.
  4. Make use of the twitter plugins to embed your Twitter page on your website or blog.
  5. Increase your fans on Twitter.

So get your business on social media platforms. Contact Jaksh Media, the Social Media Marketing company in Pune.

Social media marketing tools we use for providing SMM Services