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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

To reach out to the larger audience, it is important to identify where this audience is. It is on these social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn where people often hang out. Social media marketing is what is required to make an impact by promoting, advertising your products or services on social media platforms.

Why is social media marketing necessary for our course?

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Basically, Facebook marketing is necessary for the branding of business globally. Hence social media marketing plays an important role here.

We all know Facebook, but Facebook business is another platform which is used for advertising the business with the help of ads.


Hence as we use Facebook business, Instagram marketing can also be used for advertising the product or services.

Advertising through online social networking is a standout technique. Amongst all the other techniques, the most flexible and financially savvy procedures that private companies can use to achieve their targets are Social Media Marketing.

That is the reason why 97% of businessmen are utilizing online life to contact their groups.

Many studies have demonstrated their purchasers to compensate organizations that react to client’s disappointments.

A solid strategy in online social media marketing will enable you to keep clients upbeat and keep your reputation at peak.

How do we teach social media marketing?

Social media marketing innovations are consistently changing the manners in which shoppers cooperate with each other and firms.

Social media marketing includes advancing your substance and drawing in with your objective purchasers via online networking media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Facebook Advertising

In social media marketing, Facebook ads are one of the types of social media marketing platform.

In Facebook marketing, we teach how to create ads with the help of Facebook Business.

With the help of Facebook Business, we also teach to create campaigns.

These campaigns can be run or stopped according to our needs.

These Facebook ads can be shown to the people to whom we want to show.

Instagram Advertising

Thus we similarly teach how to make Instagram ads.

Instagram ads can be made with the help of Facebook Business.

LinkedIn Advertising

We also teach to make LinkedIn ads which are called LinkedIn marketing as it is mostly used in professional work.

Twitter Advertising

Hence we also teach manage Twitter accounts which are used by celebrities for twitting.

Pinterest Advertising

We also teach Pinterest marketing to the people who love to do artistic work or are fond of creativity.

YouTube Advertising

We also teach YouTube marketing for the people who love to make videos.

Google Adsense is used for making YouTube ads.

Hence social media marketing plays an important role in digital marketing. With the help of social media marketing, the brand presence can be shared worldwide.

Social media marketing platforms are used most commonly by the people and with help of it, products or services can be branded to a very new level.

What social media marketing syllabus is taught in our course?

These progressions constitute a central move in the businesses which has more noteworthy chances to voice the sentiments and interface with the associates and additionally expanded the impact on advertisers and brands.

Social media marketing is the utilization of online networking stages and sites to advance an item or business.

In spite of the fact that on the terms that display and advances promotion of the brand and prevailing the scholarly community, social media marketing is winding up for more famous for the two: specialists and scientists.

Organizations address a scope of partners through online life displaying which includes potential clients, potential representatives, writers, bloggers, and the overall population.

So in social media marketing first comes the Facebook page management.

Social media marketing syllabus for Facebook page management in our course includes

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  1. Importance of Facebook pages
  2. Facebook Page Optimization
  3. Need for adding Essential Information to your Facebook Page
  4. Selection of your Profile Image
  5. How to Create Professional Facebook Cover Image
  6. Content creation of Captivating Description for your Page
  7. Accessing your Facebook Page Username & URL
  8. How to create Facebook Apps Links
  9. Facebook Page Apps that increases Fan Engagement
  10. How to Create on your Facebook page
  11. Monetizing your Facebook Page
  12. Exploration of Publishing tools
  13. Scheduling of Posts
  14. Facebook’s new feature-> Call-To-Action Button
  15. Studying your Competitors on Facebook
  16. Guarantying of your Fans to see All your posts
  17. Facebook Insights Exploration
  18. Promotion of your Facebook Page
  19. Turning ANY image into a clickable Facebook Post

Facebook page management also includes Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing syllabus

  1. Introducing Facebook Ads
  2. Introducing the Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Set up of your Payment account for Ads
  4. Defining any of your Target Audience
  5. Level 1 – Creation of the Ad Post
  6. Your Post Boosting – Level 1
  7. Level 2 – Creation of your Ad in the Ads Manager
  8. Tips to apply to your Ad that is approved by Facebook
  9. Analysis of results
  10. Creation of your First Facebook Ad

After Facebook marketing Instagram marketing is important in social media marketing.

 Instagram syllabus includes

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  1. Use of Instagram and How it can Help in your Business
  2. Creation of an Instagram for Business Profile
  3. Building a Killer Instagram Profile
  4. Ads Manager accessing
  5. Creation of your First Instagram Ad
  6. Creation of your Instagram Ad inside the App
  7. Creating an Instagram Ad!
  8. Tools that Creates Viral Instagram Photos

After Facebook and Instagram marketing Twitter marketing also plays an important role in social media marketing syllabus.

Twitter marketing syllabus

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  1. Why is Twitter important and How it can Help your Business
  2. Choosing the Best Username
  3. Best Tips to Choose Your Twitter Handle
  4. Creation of your Twitter account
  5. Creation of an Outstanding Twitter Profile Page
  6. How to Add your Profile and Header Photo
  7. Writing of an Optimized Twitter Bio
  8. Writing of an Optimized Twitter Profile Description
  9. Pining for the Most Important Tweet for Your Audience
  10. Connection with Other Influencers
  11. Using Twitter’s Hashtags
  12. Addition of your Twitter buttons to your Website
  13. Addition Twitter Widgets to your Website
  14. Twitter Advertising – Creation of your Ads Account
  15. Addition your Payment Method – Twitter Advertising
  16. Creation of other Twitter Ads – Twitter Advertising
  17. Twitter Advertising – Promotion of a Tweet

Video too plays an important role in social media marketing syllabus. So YouTube marketing is also taught in the social media marketing syllabus.

YouTube marketing syllabus

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  1. Basics of YouTube
  2. SEO: Watch Time vs. View Count
  3. YouTube’s Keyword Research
  4. Starting of Your own YouTube Channel
  5. Designing and Adding of Channel Art
  6. Addition of Your Channel Description
  7. Customization of Your Channel Layout
  8. How to Increase YouTube Subscriptions
  9. Addition of a YouTube Channel Trailer
  10. Verification of Your Channel and More Important Settings
  11. How to Upload a Video: Titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails, and Tags
  12. Addition of YouTube Cards and End Screens
  13. Analytics of YouTube
  14. Creation of a YouTube Ad to Promote Your Videos

Then comes the professional type of marketing. Hence we study LinkedIn marketing.

 LinkedIn marketing syllabus

  1. Welcome to LinkedIn Marketing
  2. How to Setup your LinkedIn Profile
  3. Procedure to Add Experience, Skills, Accomplishments to your Profile
  4. How to Add a Professional Background Photo
  5. Procedure to Add Media (video/photos) o your LinkedIn Profile
  6. How to Change your LinkedIn URL
  7. Procedure to Add Your Website to LinkedIn
  8. How to Create Shareable Content on LinkedIn
  9. Case Study of LinkedIn Company Page Examples
  10. How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page
  11. Procedure to Manage your LinkedIn Company Page
  12. How to Publish content on your LinkedIn Company Page
  13. Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  14. How to Create a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad
  15. Wait for LinkedIn Ad approval
  16. How to Create a LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign
  17. Procedure to Create a LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaign
  18. Quick viewing to the Campaign Manager
  19. Creating an Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Also, Pinterest is another social media marketing.

Pinterest marketing syllabus

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  1. Why Pinterest is important and How it can help your Business
  2. How to Pinterest Business Account
  3. Procedure to Link Pinterest to Your Website and Getting a Verified Account
  4. How to Link Pinterest with Other Social Media Platforms
  5. Optimization your Pinterest Profile
  6. Creation of Boards
  7. Starting with Pinterest Ads
  8. Pinterest’s Ads Panel Overview
  9. How to Create an Ad Campaign on Pinterest

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