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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) means optimizing or designing the social media page or accounts.

social media optimization (SMO)What is social media optimization (SMO)?

Social media optimization is a very easy concept, in that we optimize social media page or website for promoting our brand or business.

Social media optimization means generating publicity for your product or service on an online platform.

Or you can say social media optimization is used for branding or awareness of products and services.

You might be confused between social media marketing and social media optimization…!!!!

Social Media Optimization (SMO)Let’s, have a check  difference between SMM and SMO in short

Social media marketing is the long-term process. SMM starts when SEO ends.

In social media marketing, we do,

  1. Online campaigns
  2. Posting Updates
  3. Social media service
  4. Brand awareness

If you want to know about SMM in detail then check Social Media Optimization.

In social media optimization, we have to work on our website and internet sites.

In Social Media Optimization we do,

  1. Increase likability
  2. Make tagging and bookmarking easy
  3. Reward inbound links
  4. Sharing the content
  5. Optimize the social page

Why should we learn Social Media Optimization?

social media optimization (SMO)Social media optimization is a middle path of the SEO and SMM.

SMO connect search engine optimization with social media marketing.

Social media optimization is free of cost and more effective way of digital marketing. They have some hidden features if you learn those features you can have the unique profile of social media.

Having a website and doing SMM is not enough for promoting business. We have to continuously connect with our audience. So, it can happen with this feature and it will help you to get more business.

If we do good optimization of our social media page it gives us better SEO with that we can promote our product or service, means we are doing SEO with SMM.

For example,

If we do Facebook’s (Facebook is a social media platform) page optimization, people will stay connected with us and get more traffic to our website. Because of SMO, your Facebook page will look good and more professional so that people can easily trust and you can add more details about your business, you can generate awareness of product and services which are provided by you.

How do we teach Social Media Optimization?

We, introduce you to what is social media?

Which platform is good for which type of branding?

How will it help you to get more business?

We will teach you how to do optimization on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

For example,

LinkedIn is a professional website where people search for job and companies and careers.

  • First, we will see what is LinkedIn and why it is important?
  • Then how to create a LinkedIn Profile.
  • How to: –
    • fill up basic information so that people reach to you.
    • write more creatively and attractively about yourself.
    • add your working experience in detail so other companies will understand which role you have performed.
  • If you have done any certification, we can teach you how to link your certificate with your LinkedIn profile.
  • How to add your Skills & Endorsements.
  • And many more things.

If you have a perfect LinkedIn profile and different from others then it becomes easy to find your dream job.

What is the syllabus of the Social Media Optimization?

  1. Definition of social media
  2. Types of social media
  3. Key terms to understand
  4. How to
  • Social Media attract an audience
  • Social Media is affecting Google Search
  • Choose a right social media platform
  • Developing unique content, positioning
  1. Integrating social media into your website and blogs
  2. How to share content with multiple Social Media channels

Facebook Optimization syllabus

  • Facebook Profile
  • Setting up Facebook and Privacy
  • Facebook Benefits
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Group Pages vs. Fan Pages
  • How to promote your Facebook page
  • Engagement and Conversation
  • Being Found in Real Time Search
  • Creating a Facebook Application / Widget
  • Creating Events
  • Building content calendar

LinkedIn Optimization syllabus

  • What is LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Answers
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • How to do link building in LinkedIn
  • Creating SEO friendly URL

Twitter Optimization syllabus

  • What is Twitter
  • Why we love it
  • Opportunity
  • How to Setup a Twitter account
  • Setting up a Twitter account: Personal Bio, Profile Picture, Background Picture
  • Following and Listening
  • Building Relationship
  • How to managing your Tweets
  • How to find People and How to find Companies on Twitter
  • Twitter Guidelines
  • Twitter Tools – Keyword Research, Competition Analysis
  • How to Shorten and Measure your URLs

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