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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Why do we need SEO?

Use of SEO

Why do we need SEO?

Use of SEO

The Search Engine optimization method is used to increase the website’s position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) on site such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. We need Search Engine Optimization because it increases traffic to our website. If you provide valuable information and easy for search engines to find and organize it, they will reward you with high rankings.

After reading blogs related to SEO being dead. Many students and clients ask me this question during the training session.

Sir, is SEO dead?

So, I ask them, when was the last time you checked Google and they say, some 5minutes ago,10 minutes ago.

I ask then further, whether you checked the second page of Google and they answer “No”.

One is the answer which is given by around 90% to 95% of the people. People do not go beyond page one.

Here is the report was given by Google which says that page one is something which gets around 91.5% of the clicks of all the pages.5% is something which page two gets and first three results on the page one itself gets around 66%.

The point is that every single business wants to get on page one. So yes, the use of SEO is very important, everybody wants to get on the first page of Google and the only way to do is through Search Engine Optimization.SEO is best for social promotion of your website. It will take your business’s website to the next level.


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