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SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

It’s a process or a journey to getting any particular business products or services on top of the google search engine.

Benefits of SEO

  • No need to pay for advertising
  • Get customers
  • Have a free traffic for a lifetime
  • Build online assets

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can save your business.

Do you want to know how?

Stay connected to know how SEO is going to help you in your business.


Why do we need SEO?

Many students and clients ask me this question every now and then.

“Sir, isn’t SEO dead?”

So, I ask them, when was the last time you checked Google & they say 5 minutes ago, 10 minutes ago and some say 1 hour ago.

So, the conclusion is, basically everybody visits Google all the time.


2nd question I ask them further when you visit google for any search query how many pages do you visit? whether you checked the 2nd page, 3rd page of Google & most probably they answer “NO”.

Almost 90 to 95% answers that “Sir, we don’t go beyond page one. We stay on 1the st page. “

So yes, SEO counts. Everybody wants to get on that 1st page of Google & the only way to do is through SEO.

So, let’s break this down google already analyzed over 8 million results and it says that over 94% of users clicked the first-page result & less than 6% actually clicked on the second page.

So, friends let’s break down it further, the first 3 results on Page 1 get 66% of the organic clicks on Google.

What is SEO

The Google Heat Map proves it.

The heat map is provided by Google. So, the, information is correct.

Let’s, study the heat map

RED: – Red color detects us most clicked & viewed areas.

YELLOW: – This color detects fewer views & clicks.

BLUE: – Blue color detects least viewed areas.


How does SEO help your Business to grow?

If your website goes to the 1st page of google or in the 1st 3 results, then we’ll see what happen.

We already study about our client’s E-commerce website which has 1k traffic per month, if we do SEO for the theme then probably they’ll get

Monthly Clicks = 5k

Average conversion = 8%

Total sale = 400

Average cart order = Rs. 5000

Total earnings by SEO = Rs. 20 lakh per month

If they use SMM for getting traffic on their website they have to spend lots of money to get earning Rs.20 lakh per month.

Because of SEO, this all happens in free of cost. That’s how SEO helps you to grow your business.


Let’s take another case study

We provide local SEO service to the multi-specialist hospital

Let’s have a look at what happens after providing them local SEO service

Clicks = 2.5 k / month

Average conversion = 10%

Phone call generator = 250

Sale generator = 25 – 30%

Average ROI per customer = Rs. 1000

Total profit from local SEO = 60k to 75k

When we provide local SEO service, we use the most important web portal which is my business account, it also tracks your phone calls. Using this we provide 250 phone calls per month.



What is SEO

So, I hope that you’ll get very clear that SEO is so important for every single business and the conclusion is “SEO is not dead”. According to Statista, the SEO industry is going to be 80 billion $ industry by the year 2020.



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