Build or Rebuild a CAREER in DIGITAL MARKETING from Scratch...!(100% Placement Record)

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What does our 'Digital Marketing Mastery' Course mean to you?

For each one of you it’s different…

For students, you want to learn something that is trending and find a job in the HOTTEST field.

For some of the working professionals, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out pf it. Or you want to stay in the same field but create a Passive Income source.

For others, who are entrepreneurs / small business owners who are stuck, and are not sure why.

And for some of you, you’re looking for that one training program that will help you to create your own Personal Brand by sharing your passion with the world!

Before we share you more details about our ‘Digital Marketing Mastery Course’… let me ask you a few questions…

Please check if your answer is YES to any of these questions!

  • Are you somebody who have just graduated and want to make a career in a field which is creating a buzz?
  • Are you just getting started in Digital Marketing, and have NO IDEA where to start?
  • Are you in a dead end job that you hate, and you want to start your own business or start fresh? Do you want to be a Freelancer?

If You have got even 1 ‘Yes’, then we would like to invite you to join the ‘Digital Marketing Mastery’ Course and help you to change your Life forever! 

Digital Marketing Classes in Pune

So here are the details of our ‘Digital Marketing Mastery' Course...

The Fees for this Course are Rs. 75,000 for the complete CLASSROOM DIGITAL MARKETING training but...

you get this at just Rs. 20,000 in our NEW YEAR OFFER


Then in your investment, you get all of this:

  • Complete Digital Marketing Classroom Training (worth Rs. 50,000)
  • Digital Marketing Worksheets (worth Rs. 5000)
  • Interview Cracking Skills Training (worth Rs. 10,000)
  • 20 Certifications (PRICELESS)
  • BOOK : The Book of SEO Tools (worth Rs. 2,000)
  • BOOK : The Book of Social Media Tools (worth Rs. 2,000)
  • BOOK : The Resume Format that lands you the job (worth Rs. 1,000)
  • AUDIO BOOK : The TOP Digital Marketing Q & A’s (worth Rs. 5,000)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group to get unlimited support
  • 20 % DISCOUNT Coupon for future Workshops / Training Programs etc.
  • 100% Placement Record(PRICELESS)

Total Price : Rs. 75,000 (Rupees One Lakh Ten Thousand)

NEW YEAR OFFER Price for CLASSROOM Course : Rs. 20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand)

If time is the concern you, join our ONLINE Course. (Don’t worry, You get the BONUSES here too)

Duration – 2 Months (50 hours)

If you want to make a great career, then this is the Program you must join!

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?

Let me break down all the Awesome Stuff You’ll Get When You join our course today!


We’ll teach you from scratch and you will master each module one-by-one.

We have 30+ modules to cover.

  • Digital Marketing Introduction,
  • Web Designing,
  • Website Fetching and Indexing,
  • Basic to Advanced SEO,
  • Advanced Keyword Research,
  • Mobile SEO Techniques,
  • Inbound Marketing,
  • E-Commerce SEO,
  • Advanced SEO Techniques,
  • Local SEO,
  • Video SEO,
  • Google My Business,
  • Google Webmaster Tool,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Social Media Optimization,
  • Microsoft Bing ads,
  • Google Ads/SEM,
  • Google Search Advertising,
  • Google Display advertising,
  • Google Mobile advertising,
  • Google Video advertising,
  • Adsense Marketing,
  • Online Reputation Management,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Email Marketing, Blogging,
  • Lead Generation,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Hubspot Tools & Certification,
  • Digital Marketing Plan Preparation, Whatsapp Marketing and many more topics.


You will tested and awarded with 20 Certificates at the end of the course.

This adds a HUGE credibility to your Resume.

You can also list all your certificates on Professional network like LinkedIn.

The Certificates you can earn are:

  1. Google Fundamentals
  2. Search Advertising Certification
  3. Display Advertising Certification
  4. Video Advertising Certification
  5. Mobile Advertising Certification
  6. Shopping Advertising Certification
  7. Google Analytics Certification
  8. Bing Ads Accredited Professional
  9. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
  10. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
  11. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
  12. SEM Rush SEO Certification
  13. SEM Rush Toolkit Certification
  14. Institute’s Digital Marketing Certificate
  15. Institute’s Social Media Marketing Certificate
  16. Institute’s SEO Certificate
  17. Institute’s Content Writing Certificate
  18. Institute’s SEM Certificate
  19. Institute’s WordPress Web Designing Certificate
  20. Institute’s Interview Cracking Skills Training Certificate

Bonus #2 The Book of SEO Tools

There are hundreds of tools required while doing SEO.

It gets hard to remember all of them all the time.

This book plays a role of a companion for you in the journey of SEO.

No matter if you are working for a company or for yourself, you’ll always come across these tools to achieve your goals.

It consists of information of all Free and Premium SEO tool.

Bonus #3 The Book of Social Media Tools

Every EvThe Businesses are working hard to create an impact on social media because this is the place where their customers hang-out every now and then.

For any digital marketer, working on different social media platforms for content creation, advertising is a daily duty.

One has to be very good at using tools while creating engaging content on Social Media.

The tasks like creating posts, finding hashtags, creating videos, scheduling posts, posting in groups, managing multiple pages, running ads etc all need TOOLS.

So, here is the book that we provide you for FREE when you enrol for our Classroom program.


Each day of the training, you’ll be given practical tasks that you’ll need to complete in order to get your concepts right.

These worksheets act as your companion to the classroom training.

Each work-page of the worksheet has:

A CHECKLIST of tasks or reminders that need to be completed that day.

Empty space for answering key thought-provoking questions and results of the activity.

And, resource links you’ll need to complete the day’s tasks.


Almost 90% Companies ask you to send the resume before they invite you for the interview.

So in most of the cases, it is your resume that decides whether you get shortlisted for the interview or not.

This book helps you to design a resume with a cover letter which would impress companies and create a lot of job opportunities for you.

Also, we provide you with a template which you can refer to create a rocking resume.

Bonus #6 Audio Book – The TOP Digital Marketing Q & A’s

At the end of the course when you will be sent for the interviews, you need to be at your best to answer the questions asked.

The preparation is something that wins here.

To prepare you best we provide you with an Audio book that you can listen to and prepare yourself well.

Even while traveling to interview venue, you can just plug and play the file and you’ll be listening to the trainer answering to all the important questions asked in the interviews.


Yes, we do provide 100% Placement Assistance after the successful completion of your course and certifications.

So, in order to make you employable we train you hard on Interview Cracking Skills.

This helps you to get Industry-ready.

Following are the things we cover in this module.

  • How to get organized for job search
  • How to create an awesome Resume with Cover letter
  • How to keep Resume flexible to make it eligible for various job profiles in Digital Marketing
  • How to create a very Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Networking for Job Search on LinkedIn
  • Killing the Interview fear
  • Learning the Winner’s Body Language to tackle interviews with a very lasting impression
  • Right dressing sense for Interviews
  • Preparing almost all the possible interview questions of Digital Marketing Interviews
  • Mock Interviews before facing the real interviews
  • Confidence Building
  • Getting rid of Negativity

Bonus #8 Access to Private Facebook Group to get Unlimited support

After the course when you join a company and get stuck anywhere while doing your projects, we have a community that would help you out.

These are the students from different batches and actively post in this group.

So here in this group, you can share your knowledge, post about jobs in the company you work or get to know about the jobs from other people.

Bonus #9 DISCOUNT Coupon of 20% for future Workshops / Training Programs etc.

We keep doing workshops, advanced training programs, seminars etc and people pay and attend them.

But for our students, we always keep discounted tickets.

You can also give it as a gift to your family or friends and we’ll provide them the discount.


  • Founder of Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing & Jaksh Media
  • Former Sectary of Western Maharshtra Placement Consortium
  • Trainer at Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps organised by many premium Engineering and MBA Colleges in Pune and in other cities in association with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
  • Training experience of 10 years


Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

Our Digital Marketing Mastery course is NOT just some “course” that you’ll find… 

It starts with the right strategies and techniques of digital marketing that you will LEARN

You need to EXECUTE what you have learnt… 

And a “no-excusesapproach to get you the RESULTS… 

It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem…

It’s always the lack of EXECUTION (or, not executing in a proper way).

This course acts like a blueprint to reach the goal you set up.


This course is for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive deep in the world of Digital Marketing by learning and practicing the stuff taught to them during the course.

It is for those who want to be trained and motivated, and have the trainer PULL them in the right direction.

This is for those who need a good hard PUSH from their trainer who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you learn, execute and get results (no excuses!)


The seats are limited in a batch so book your seat today.

Our next batches are starting from 25th Jan 2019

  • CLASSROOM Morning Batch (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri) – 10 am to 12 pm
  • CLASSROOM Afternoon Batch (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri) – 2 pm to 4 pm

  Duration of the course – 2 Months

Join the ‘Digital Marketing Mastery’ Course today!


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